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Hi! I'm Kaja, a passionate home chef, always looking for new ingredients and dishes that I can cook for friends, family & clients. I love to prepare dishes from seasonal and regional ingredients with a twist, paired up with non-conventional spices and condiments like fermented soy pastes, different types of chili from all over the world, preserved lemons and so on. For an overview, read more here.

I moved from Brussels to Stockholm in the beginning of August 2019. In Brussels, I worked as a public affairs consultant, before quitting my job and following my passion to work with food and I hope this will continue.

I am offering a range of different services:

No matter which service you choose, my cooking is mostly seasonal and regional where possible, but you'll rarely find me cooking a conventional menu. I like to use different spices from the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and whatever new ingredient I come across. Even though I have my trusted and proven dishes, my menus are very tailored and I am happy to send you an offer based on your specific wishes and dietary requirements. Please, have a look at my sample menus here.

Feel free to contact me for prices and other inquired via email.


I have always been interested in food; already as a small child I enjoyed watching food series on TV (the little there were), following step-by-step how my grandmother prepared meals and tasting new dishes as much as I could. 

I grew up in Germany and Poland and have lived in various cities around the world that have inspired my attitude towards food and have shaped the way I cook and which ingredients I use. In Buenos Aires I learned that good meat doesn't need a thick and creamy sauce, but that sea salt is just enough. In Maastricht I lived away from home the first time and taught myself a lot of new things, exchanged recipes with friends and organised dinner parties. Barcelona was great to taste all tapas there are and to get more into Mediterranean cooking just to head off to New York and London a year later. Both being cities with a vibrant restaurant and brunch scene from all over the world, which inspired me a lot and where I got to know many new ingredients. In Berlin I organised more dinner parties and learned that eating out on a budget is possible and tasty at the same time. I moved to Paris, where I learned a lot about French fine dining and classic Brasserie cuisine, cheese and of course wine. And then the last spot being Brussels, where I met a lot of very friendly chefs and food enthusiasts who taught me even more about good food and above all eating. 

I had my food blog 'The Recipe Suitcase' for several years already, worked as a food editor for Brussels Express, an online and print magazine for Brussels expats and was developing recipe for the German food app Foodly, when I quit my job as a consultant. Also, together with Sophia, who became a friend after following each other and talking about food A LOT on Instagram, we organised a number of Cooking Classes & Supper Clubs, bringing together people from all over Europe, working in different sectors and becoming friends during our dinners. I also organised team building events, private catering and cooking and paired up with restaurants for pop up events. If you're curious about some of my recipes, have a look at my food blog, where I also share my favourite restaurants around the world.  


Cooking Classes & Corporate Events

I organise cooking classes for smaller and bigger groups. This can be at your place or a rented kitchen space. You can book for you and your friends, a teambuilding activity at work or other occasions. Have a look at my previous classes!

Read more here..

Private Cooking

You want to invite friends, family or colleagues for dinner, but you don't have time for cooking? I'm happy to come to your place and cook a multi-course lunch, dinner or even brunch, tailored to your wishes.


Family party, work event, baptism or just a dinner for friends - I am providing catering for every occasion with tailored menus, fresh ingredients and interesting dishes.



Private Chef, Cooking Classes & Catering

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