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On 1 May 2020 I’m launching a recipe subscription for you.

Every week, you will receive delicious and creative recipes that go beyond the teasers that I post on Instagram and also, tips and tricks on baking with sourdough. 

What will you get?

Every Thursday, I will share at least 2 recipes with you that are fun but easy to recreate. I will also share with you the dishes I for private dinners and supper clubs. So basically a mix of delicious stuff you want to cook every day.

In addition, changing every week, I'll be talking about new or uncommon spices, a cookbook or podcast I love or a food blogger, instagrammer, chef, journalist who inspire me.

Once a month, there will be some bread and sourdough content as well that will make/keep bread baking exciting. This can be anything from classic bread recipes, sourdough brioche, to sourdough discards pancakes, waffles, delicious bread toppings, or recipes for stale bread leftovers.


And you will also be able to vote for your recipe of the month; something you always wanted to cook but don’t know how or something you want to see interpreted by me. 

The 1st issue on 1st May will include fun recipes for Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican national day. Get ready for some kich-ass Guacamole, Micheladas, Agua Fresca and Tacos!


What does it cost?

The cost of the subscription is 6.99 € per month and can be cancelled at any time.


Where do I subscribe?

You can sign up HERE and I would be super happy if you’d join this new part of my and maybe soon our food journey :)

You can also buy single issues if you're interested in a specific recipe. For this visit the shop, or find the issue you're interested in below.



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