If you can't join me in person, I'll join you in your kitchen

What will I learn?

You'll learn how to build a sourdough starter from scratch, with which you will then be able to bake your very own sourdough bread over and over. I'll also show you how to make your own bread while also explaining different terms that are important for bread baking. 

How does it work? How do I sign up?

To sign up, you simply send an email to, or by clicking on one of the links below. Once you've signed up, you receive instructions from me on how to build your own sourdough starter, which takes 5-7 days. When your starter is ready, you can join the interactive live class, where I'll show you how to bake bread with your starter, that class takes around 4.5h with breaks.

Where does it take place?

​The class takes place on, an online video platform. One class is limited to 15 people and is interactive, meaning that I can answer all questions on the spot and assist you with making your bread. You will be able to see me on video and if you want you can turn on your video, too, so I can check how your dough is doing. 

What does it cost?

The class costs 40 Euro or 440 SEK (down from 140 Euro / 1500 SEK for my usual bread classes) and can be paid via Bank transfer, Revolut or Swish. This includes instructions on How to build a sourdough starter, a 4.5-hour class (with breaks) on How to bake Sourdough Bread, a PDF guide to Sourdough Bread Baking and access to my private tutorial Instagram Account @sourdoughsecrets. It also includes assistance in all of your questions via email.


Upcoming Online Live Classes:

You'll learn how ​to make a sourdough starter from scratch. Then, you'll learn how ​to bake a bread from scratch, using your active sourdough starter. This includes: autolyse, kneading the dough, lamination, addition of different flavours if wished, like crispy chili oil, nduja, or seeds, slap & fold, bulk fermentation with folds, pre-shaping, shaping, proofing, retardation, scoring and baking.

The classes take 4.5h, with small breaks

40 Euro/ 440 SEK

(usually 150 Euro for bread baking classes)

online on Zoom

You'll need:

  • Strong wheat (bread) flour (at least 10% protein)

  • Whole wheat or rye flour

  • Warm water

  • Salt

  • An old, empty jam jar

  • A mixing bowl that fits 1kg or more

  • A scale

  • An oven

  • A clean kitchen towel

  • A cast iron pot (if available)

  • Baking paper

Be quick, spots are limited! 



No upcoming events at the moment

Sourdough Pizza Class:

You'll learn how ​to make sourdough Pizza from your active starter or with conventional yeast. For this, you will receive instructions via video and email, on how to prepare the dough step-by-step, how to make the right Pizza base and which toppings to pair it with and how to bake it so it tastes like in a Pizzeria. If you do not have an active starter, you can also prepare the Pizza dough with yeast. 

15 Euro/ 170 SEK

online via Thinkfic



Private Cooking

You want to invite friends, family or colleagues for dinner, but you don't have time for cooking? I'm happy to come to your place and cook a multi-course lunch, dinner or even brunch, tailored to your wishes.


Family party, work event, baptism or just a dinner for friends - I am providing catering for every occasion with tailored menus, fresh ingredients and interesting dishes.

Sourdough Secrets II

55 Euro PRE-SALE (until 7 September), 7 Lessons

Online Cooking Class, starting 7 September

For more info click on the Booking link


Sourdough Secrets I (Basic Course)




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