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The gift card is valid for a half-day long class including breakfast and lunch. 

You'll learn how to make your own sourdough loaf from scratch, from building and feeding a starter, through the process of streching and folding to bulk fermentation, as well as shaping and baking the bread.


After a successful and interactive class in a laid back and relaxed atmosphere, you'll take with you some sourdough starter, a bread basket, a dough scraper and a loaf to bake at home.

Breakfast includes fresh sourdough bread, as well as sourdough banana bread to be eaten with homemade butter and spreads. For lunch you can build your own melted, runny, delicious grilled cheese sandwich to be enjoyed with cold drinks.

Cost is 1500 SEK, including the ca. 6h class, breakfast, lunch, drinks & utensils

Gift Card - Sourdough Bread Class, Stockholm




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